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MyCricket Scorer app - DEMO


Practice using  the MyCricket Scorer App in ‘Demo Match’ mode to score a game of club cricket.

The video is a recording of the first 7 overs of the Sydney derby between the Thunder and Sixers from BBL04. Score the match with the MyCricket Scorer app so you can become comfortable in using the app for a real game of club cricket.  As the match will be scored in ‘Demo Match’ mode, no scores will flow through to the MyCricket website.

For more information regarding the Scorer app, click here: http://bit.ly/1KIhvx9

VIDEO - Thunder vs Sixers

Complete these steps before commencing scoring:

  1. Check that your device (iPad or Android) has the latest version of the app with the DEMO MODE.
  2. Select 'Matches' and then [Demo] Thunder vs Sixers'.
  3. Add the players (just their surname) to the ‘Demo Match’ via 'Select Teams'.  The list of the two teams is below (Home Team: Thunder, Away Team: Sixers). 
    • Tap the green cross box next to each of the players to add them to the team.  Repeat this process for both Thunder and Sixers teams.  Once the players have been added, tap 'Done' (top right).
    • Individual Batting/Bowling Type is optional… this is to help with wagon wheels and pitch maps (optional features)
  4. Thunder won the toss a chose to field.
  5. Opening batsmen are Maddinson (on-strike) and Lumb (off-strike). Opening (strike)bowler is Sandhu.
  6. Start Match!


HOME DEMO : Sydney Thunder

ST (in batting order) – Hussey, Kallis, McDonald, Blizzard, Morgan, Hughes, Hartley, Cummins, Sandhu, Hauritz, Nannes.

AWAY DEMO: Sydney Sixers

SS (in batting order) – Maddinson, Lumb, Wessels, Henriques, Silk, Carters, Abbott, Starc, Doran, Bollinger, Lee.


iPad – click here

Android Tablet - click here




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