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Pack Ordering and Delivery


Based on feedback from last season, the process for pack ordering and delivery has changed to create less hassle for you as a coordinator.

How will it work?

  1. Pack and centre equipment orders can be placed through the Order Management System accessed by clicking on the ‘Order coordinator/participant packs’ tile on your centre’s Centre Management page in MyCricket.

  2. To order participant packs, click on the pack ordering button.

  3. Review participant pack orders on the Order Participant Pack page. Remember, a participant pack can only be ordered if a registration for the participant has been made in MyCricket. As an example should you have 10 registrations on MyCricket, you will be able to confirm the order of 10 packs only.

    It is strongly recommended that you encourage all participants to register online as all pack information will be pre-filled. This means you will not need to enter any information for your participants that have registered online.
  4. To place the pack order, tick the box of the participants you wish to order a pack for. Once you have selected the packs you want to order, click on the blue ‘Process Selected’ button.

    NOTE: There are no refunds for pack orders. To ensure that you are not left with excess or unused packs, please check that all participants have paid their registration fee before ordering their pack.

  5. Orders of less than five participant packs will not be dispatched immediately. They will be consolidated and sent to you at your chosen delivery address on a weekly basis, meaning you will not receive constant small deliveries throughout the season.

  6. Approved orders of five participant packs or more will be processed and dispatched immediately to you at your chosen delivery address. NOTE: Deliveries may take 7-10 working days to arrive at its destination once the delivery is confirmed.

    NOTE: Only pack orders for participants who register and pay online will be automatically approved. Pack orders for participants who register and pay offline are subject to your State or Territory’s approval.

  7. Prior to confirming your order you will have the option for your delivery to be sent express post (at an additional cost to be paid by credit card). Additionally, you can choose to have the delivery left at your listed address if you are not able to receive the delivery in person.


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