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Payment Terms & Conditions


Last updated: 30 July 2015

The following terms and conditions apply in relation to the access and use of the Payment Gateway. These terms and conditions do not limit or restrict the operation of the MyCricket Terms and Conditions.

1. Definitions

Australian Cricket Organisation or Organisation means any person which manages a cricket team or competition in Australia. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes, but is not limited to, cricket clubs, cricket associations, State Associations and Territory Associations.

Cricket Australia means Cricket Australia (ACN 006 089 130) of 60 Jolimont Street, Jolimont, 3002, Victoria.

Cricket Australia Website means www.cricket.com.au or such other website used by Cricket Australia from time to time.

Data means all data entered into and generated by the Payment Gateway, including personal information.

MyCricket means the national cricket management system operated by Cricket Australia and provided by Cricket Australia to Australian Cricket Organisations, and includes web pages that constitute a secure administration area and a publicly available information area which shall be accessible through the Cricket Australia Website and MyCricket Website.

MyCricket Security User means the individual within an Organisation who:

(a) is the MyCricket Security User nominated in that role for an Organisation; and

(b) is authorised by their Organisation to agree to these terms and conditions on behalf of the Organisation and any other terms and conditions which may be imposed or varied from time to time by Cricket Australia in relation to the security user’s or Organisation’s use of MyCricket; and

(c) consents to their contact email address to be publicly accessible by reason of their use of MyCricket.

Organisation’s Member means any person who has any role or involvement in relation to the Organisation, including for example a player.

Service Provider means the Payment Gateway service provider, as appointed by Cricket Australia from time to time.

State Association means each of the following:

(a) Cricket New South Wales;

(b) Queensland Cricket;

(c) South Australian Cricket Association;

(d) Tasmanian Cricket Association;

(e) Cricket Victoria; and

(f) Western Australian Cricket Association.

Territory Association means each of the Australian Capital Territory Cricket Association and Northern Territory Cricket.

User means any and each of the following:

(a) a MyCricket Security User; or

(b) an Organisation.

2. Terms of Provision

(a) Cricket Australia will use its best endeavours to provide access to the Payment Gateway in such a manner that it is available to the maximum extent possible within Cricket Australia’s reasonable control, having regard to any planned system outages for upgrades and maintenance that Cricket Australia may announce from time to time.

(b) The Organisation is solely responsible for all information supplied to Cricket Australia and the Service Provider which is necessary for it to access and use the Payment Gateway.

3. Conditions of Use

(a) Access to the Payment Gateway is only available to Australian Cricket Organisations through their respective MyCricket Security Users.

(b) The MyCricket Security User is responsible for the actions of any person whom they activate as an additional MyCricket Security User for their Organisation and will procure that each additional MyCricket Security User for their Organisation shall comply with these terms and conditions.

(c) By accessing and/or using the Payment Gateway, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use imposed by the Service Provider and / or Cricket Australia from time to time and as advised to you.

(d) With respect to the Payment Gateway:

(i) the Service Provider will be entitled to deduct a service fee, as applies from time to time, from all payments received from your Organisation’s Members using the Payment Gateway;

(ii) the Service Provider will be entitled to retain an administration fee, as applies from time to time, with respect to processing any requested refunds or credit card reversals in relation to an Organisation’s Member (including, without limitation, reversals due to misuse of a credit card). This administration fee will be borne by the relevant Organisation to which the Organisation’s Member belongs;

(iii) the Organisation agrees to utilise the Payment Gateway to process all registration applications and renewals that provide for payment via credit card. If an Organisation is found to be in breach of this clause, Cricket Australia may immediately suspend or restrict access, by you or your Organisation to the Payment Gateway;

(iv) the Organisation is solely responsible for the generation of invoices to be paid by the Organisation’s Members in relation to any services or products acquired via the Payment Gateway (if any). The Service Provider will be responsible for processing all Payment Gateway related transactions, including payment processing, account settlement, online help and the receipt of all payments (if any); and

(v) all funds processed using the Payment Gateway will be deposited and held in a bank account managed by Cricket Australia and the Service Provider.

4. Security

Cricket Australia uses industry standard security measures to safeguard and protect your information.  This includes taking reasonable steps to ensure your information is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


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