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Managing Rep Teams on MyCricket


Managing Rep Teams on MyCricket

If you are an Association that enters representative teams in regional, state or other competitions, you can now manage your rep teams through one login to your Association account, rather than having to access a separate "rep team" account.  The new "Teams Mode" view displays all the menu options and functionality you need to manage your rep team. 

Below is a short overview of the core tasks.  For full details, please see the Clubs - Getting Started Guide and Workflow Guides as these user guides cover all tasks required to manage teams and participate in competitions on MyCricket.

Step 1 - Switch to the Teams mode in MyCricket

Use the new Mode Dropdown list in the top right hand corner of the navigation bar to select the "Teams" mode.  This will display all the menu options you need to enter a rep team into a competition including selecting teams, entering results and player scores etc.  It is the view used by Clubs, and is the same view you would have seen if you have previously managed a rep team using MyCricket. 

Step 2 - Transferring Players

To create your Rep Team, you need to add the required players to your organisation via the PLAYERS > CLEARANCES & TRANSFERS > PLAYER TRANSFER menu option.  If the players are coming from one of your clubs or child organisations then you will have full access to the players' records, as the 10 day privacy period no longer applies in these situations.

Please see the Transfer a Player Article for more information >>

Step 3 - Register your Players

Once the players have been added to your organisation, you need to register them to the parent organisation who is running the competition or carnival via the Players > Player Registration > Register Players menu option.   Players can't be selected for a team until they have been registered.

Please see the Player Registration Article for more information >>

Step 4 - Selecting Teams

Use the MATCHES > SELECT TEAMS menu option to select the team for each match.

Please see the Team Selection Article for more information >>

Step 5 - Entering Match Results & Player Scores

After each match, you can enter match results and the full player scorecard via the MATCH > ENTER MATCH RESULTS and ENTER PLAYER SCORES menu options.

Please see the Entering Match Results Article for more information >>

Step 6 - Viewing the Fixture, Match Results and Ladders etc.

You can view your rep team's results and the competition ladder via the MyCricket public site or your club website.  You just need to select the "Rep Teams / Carnivals" tab on your existing Fixtures, Results and Ladders pages.

Rep Teams - Historical Information

Cricket Australia and all States have endeavoured to identify and merge any existing rep team results and players automatically.  If you have previously entered results for your Rep Team using MyCricket, but the results are not displaying under your Association account, then please let us know through a Support Request if any have been omitted. 


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