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De-Register or Edit a Registered Player


De-Register or Edit a Registered Player

Mode:                        Teams/Competitions/Organisation

Menu:                        People > Players > Player Registration 

·           Follow the above menu path

·           Select the relevant Club from the drop down list

·           Click GO

·           A list of players registered to your association from the specified club displays

·           Click the Player’s registration number in the Reg Num column

·           A Player Registration screen displays, displaying the current and historical registration status of the individual Player.

·           To De-register a player

o        Click the De-Register button. The Registration is not deleted, but the Player’s Registration status is set to DE-REGISTERED. The system records the date that this occurs.

·           To edit a player’s registration Code/number

o        Highlight/select the text in the Player Registration Code field

o        Type the new code over

o        Click the update button

·           To add a comment to a Player’s Registration Record

o        Type text directly into the Registration Comment field

o        Click the update button

o        This comment is only visible from this screen.

NOTE: Not other edits can be made. If you want to edit the details of the Player’s record you will need to open the Player’s record and edit as per the instructions in “Edit a Person/Player Record”

De-Register ALL Players from Association Level

Associations can now de-register all players in bulk at the start of each season. This allows you to start with a clean registration list each season to ensure you keep up to date lists of registered players.

MODE:                      Competitions

MENU:                      Competition Settings > Registration TAB

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