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MyCricket Scorer - Guidelines & recommendations


The following overview provides a list of instructions and further information on how you can use the MyCricket Scorer App to score a game.

The app will greatly assist grassroots administrators in scoring games of cricket at all levels, whilst streamlining the entering of live match information into MyCricket.

Live Scoring is a big step forward from paper based scoring so please work with your Clubs and Associations on how the app will be used across your competitions; our recommendation is to compliment paper scoring with the MyCricket Scorer app with until your club or association has made an official decision. This will allow your fans and supporters to view live match scores online.

Basic instructions

1. Download and install the app from iTunes or Google Play
2. Log into the app using your MyCricket admin credentials – you will require “RESULTS MANAGER” and “PERSON MANAGER” permissions. (See further details below)
3. Select Team for a match through either the MyCricket Admin site, or the iPhone App. (See further details below on team selections)
4. Select "Download Matches" in the menu and download relevant match
5. Select "Start Match" in the menu and choose the downloaded match, select match preferences and make changes to team selections as required
6. When ready hit "START MATCH" and commence scoring via the scoring keypad
7. You can easily undo or edit balls at any time via the undo button on the scoring screen or the edit balls menu item
8. At any point use the "App Settings" menu item to change your Live Scoring, Wagon Wheel & Pitch Map settings

Note: If you download a match and start scoring within the app to trial the functionality, the status of the match will change to in progress.

Logging in to the app

You will require a MyCricket Administrator login with “RESULTS MANAGER” to upload scores and “PERSON MANAGER” permissions to select teams. The administrator also has the ability to give the scorer specific access to a specific grade.

Demo/Practice mode feature

The app includes a DEMO mode feature which allows users to practice scoring without affecting any match data

Team Selection

We recommend that you submit team selections before downloading an upcoming match into the app. Don't worry you can still submit/edit team selections after you've downloaded a match for scoring, it just makes the process easier for scorers on game day. You can select teams on the website or through the MyCricket app.

Selecting a team on the website...

  1. Login to MyCricket admin and while in 'Teams' mode navigate to Matches > Select Team
  2. Select the relevant match and submit your team

Selecting a team on the MyCricket app...

  1. Download the MyCricket App, and login to your club through the Admin section
  2. Select the relevant match and select your team

Note: You cannot create a new player in the MyCricket Scorer app. If you have a new player that is not on MyCricket, you must add them to your club’s player list via the Admin website.

Important Notes & Recommendations

We recommend trialling and familiarising yourself with the app's features and functionality before scoring a complete match, this can be done through the use of the "DEMO MODE"

  • Live Scoring is a big step forward from paper based scoring so please work with your Clubs and Associations on how the app will be used across your competitions; our suggestion would be to have one paper scorer and one live scorer at matches
  • Cricket Australia strongly recommends clubs select their teams via MyCricket Admin prior to a match commencing. This will greatly assist scorers in preparing a match to be scored within the app.

Tips for following ‘Live Scores’ on MyCricket

  • When viewing a scorecard within MyCricket, select the "Match Statistics..." link to follow ball-by-ball details.
  • If your club has a MyCricket Club Website then you can add a 'Live Scores' widget to your site once logged into Weet-Bix MyCricket (EXAMPLE SITE). To add a ‘Live Scores’ widget, login to MyCricket > MODE: WEBSITE > MENU: Site > Site Layout Manager > Edit > Add widget > Live Scores > Save & Publish.
  • To setup a FREE MyCricket Club Website, visit MyCricket Support and submit a ‘Support Request’. For further information about MyCricket Club Websites, click here.

Battery Life

The battery life of your device when using the MyCricket Scorer App will vary (depending on the age/type of device). We recommend your device is fully charged before using the app, and have a charger on hand in case your battery dies.

Standard battery life while using web-3G browsing:
iPhone 4: 6 hours iPhone 4S: 6 hours
iPhone 5: 7 hours
iPad 4: 10 hours
iPad mini: 9 hours

These times are a guide and can vary depending on what features are enabled on your device. To understand your battery utilisation device better we recommend that you download the BATTERY SAVER app

Data usage

The following provides approximations for the amount of network data used when scoring and uploading a match.

Task Data used (approx.)
Admin (login, download a match, select teams etc.) 100KB
Manually sync a match after 20 overs 0.2MB
Manually sync a match after 50 overs 0.5MB
Manually sync a match after 100 overs 1MB
Live scoring for 20 overs (sync every over) 1.2MB
Live scoring for 50 overs (sync every over) 3MB
Live scoring for 100 overs (sync every over) 6MB

Help & Support

We welcome any feedback on the app, please submit any queries and feedback to our support team by using the "Submit Request" button at the top of this site.



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