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Bulk Person Import (Recommended Method)


Bulk Person Import (Recommended Method)

Mode:                        Teams/Competitions/Organisation

Menu:                        People > Person Import & Bulk Change


A file (in a particular format) can be uploaded which can contain a mixture of new (which have no ID supplied) and existing (which have an ID supplied) person records. New records are added to the person list, whereas existing records are modified. A number of data validation rules must be satisfied before data is changed.

  1. Follow the above menu path

  2. Select the Role and Sub Role

Only records with the same role can be uploaded or changed at the same time.

3.      Select the appropriate Role Currency.

Import Records with current roles” is the most common selection here and should be used for all current/active records.

Import Records with no roles” is used for inactive records.

  1. Select an Import Option.

  2. Optionally, select the Import Custom Fields checkbox to import data for fields that have been created by either your organization or one of its parents. (eg: an association or the state)

  3. Click the Refresh button in the Required file format and validation rules section.

7.      Click the Download import file template link which appears in the (Optionally) Generate an Import File Template

Although this is optional, it is highly recommended that you use the File Template provided to ensure the file imports successfully.

  1. Save the file to a location on your computer. The file will save in “.txt” format.

  2. Open the file using Excel

  3. If you are importing New Person Records

    1. Delete the information in the spreadsheet as these are all the existing records in your Person List that match your Role/Sub Role selection.

    2. Do not delete the Header Row

    3. Enter the relevant information into the fields, ensuring you do not change the cell formatting and that the data is entered as per the Required file format and validation rules

  4. If you are Updating Existing Person Records

    1. Locate the Person records you want to update and modify the relevant details ensuring you do not change the cell formatting and that the data is entered as per the Required file format and validation rules

  5. Ensure that you have not exceeded the maximum record limit

    1. 100 for Standard Fields

    2. 50 For Custom Fields

  6. Take note of the name of the Worksheet.

  7. Save the spreadsheet as a “.xls” file.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you receive a "specified cast not valid" or other unclear error messages, this is usually because Excel has added "hidden" formatting characters, or your file contains formatting.  The simplest way to resolve this error is to:
    • Copy the selection of cells, not the worksheet, to a brand new excel file.
    • When you Paste the data, select Paste Special - Values Only, this pastes the data without any formatting.
    • You will need to format the DOB column, select the column and choose format cells, select DATE format and dd/mm/yyyy.
  8. Click the Browse button in the Select File to Import… section

  9. Locate the file on your computer and click Open

  10. Ensure Microsoft Excel file (*.xls) is selected in the Import File Type section

  11. Type the name of the worksheet you want to import in the Worksheet Name field

  12. Ensure the File Has Header Row checkbox is ticked

  13. Click the Next button

  14. Review the records to be imported.

  15. Click the Import Data button to confirm the import.

  16. Ensure that you do not refresh the page as it will cause extra records to be added.

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