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How do I find out a players availability


Setting players up with logins to MyCricket where they can self manage their personal details as well as provide an availability status based on playing dates of all your grades.Before you select the team for a match, it is advisable to first see who is available on the match date. MyCricket enables you to generate a report of player availability for selected dates which allows you greater flexibility when selecting teams and understanding which players are actually available for selection.


Steps to follow:

  1. Access the Teams tab
  2. Access Players > Player Availability > Player Availability Summary
  3. Select the required dates from the Match Dates list
  4. Click Add to move the match date to the Selected Dates list
  5. Select the Show Extended Details checkbox (Shown below)
  6. Click Refresh 


Note: Players can be contacted via email from this screen if required. 


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