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How to Register a Player


Player Registration


Mode:            Teams


Menu:             Players > Player Registration > Register Players


Registration is now mandatory across MyCricket to support enhanced reporting, security and visibility of active players.  This means that your players MUST be registered to the relevant Association/s before they can be selected for a team.  Additionally, all players must now have an ACTIVE PLAYER ROLE, within MyCricket.


Players are not automatically registered for associations the club is affilated with and registration is a separate process to the creation of the player record (within the person list).


Players to be registered must already exist on the club's person list and must be assigned with a Player Role (senior, junior, veteran). Once a player exists on the player list, they may be registered with one or more associations.


This process will assist you with registering players to an Association.


Registering Players


·           Follow the above menu path


·           Select the required Association from the drop down list


·           Click Go


·           Select the Players name from the Unregistered Players for Association list


·           Click add to move the player to the Players to be Registered list


·           Repeat until all relevant players are on the Players to be Registered list


·           Click Save.


·           The Players are now Registered to the nominated Association and will be eligible for team selection.


NB: If your Association has set some additional Mandatory Fields, then these fields will need to be completed in the player's record before the registration can be processed.  If the registration fails due to Missing Fields then you just need to click Edit next to the player's name to edit their record, and then click Try Again to complete the registration process.


View A List of Registered Players


To view a list of all players Registered to an Association…


Mode:                        Competitions


Menu:                        Players > Player Registration


·           Select the required Association from the drop down list


·           Click Go


·           A table will display with all the Players who have been registered to the nominated Association.



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