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Local Computer & Internet Browser Settings


Local Computer & Internet Browser Settings


There may be times when certain settings on your local computer or your particular internet browser may cause issues with using MyCricket.  Typically, these issues are caused by not having cookies enabled on your browser.


For Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) 


We are aware that there are some compatability issues with MyCricket and the recently released IE8 web browser. We have already released a fix for the known issues since IE8 was released, and are working through any other items as quickly as we can however we are also heavily involved in MyCricket system development at this point in time which does take priority.  


As you can appreciate there are a number of web browser options available and we endeavour to be as compatible as possible with all of them, as well as the various platforms and operating systems, however new version releases can at times produce unforeseen outcomes.  We do aim to be fully compatible with the most popular browsers, of which Internet Explorer is one. 


You should be able to use the IE8 in IE7 compatibility mode (the F12 function) to rectify these problems, if this was selected during your IE8 installation.  If you are still experiencing issues, then we recommend visiting the Microsoft support centre, or trying an alternate browser, such as Firefox.






For Internet Explorer 6 / 7



IE6 introduced new privacy settings that restricted the use of cookies.


·           Go to Tools>Internet options>Privacy>


·           If the setting is at Medium, Low, or "Accept all cookies" then you should be OK.


·           Otherwise, if you are having problems, and do not wish to Accept All Cookies:


·           Press Edit


·           Repeat for admin.MyCricket.com


·           Press 'Allow'.


For Internet Explorer 5.5 or earlier


·           Go to Tools>Internet Options>Security


·           Ensure that the slider is set to at least “Medium


·           Also, Click on “Custom Level” and scroll down until you find “Cookies” – there are 3 sub options within this section – ensure that they are all set to “enabled”.


For Firefox


·           Go to Tools>Options>Privacy


·           Check the "Allow sites to set cookies" box and press “OK”.


For Netscape/Mozilla


·           Go to Edit>Preferences>select “Advanced" in the left window (double click for Netscape6, double click "Privacy and Security" option for Netscape 6.1+/Mozilla).


·           Click on the sub-menu item named "cookies".


·           Select the "accept/enable all cookies option" in the right window and press “OK”.


Firewalls/Cookie cleaner tools


Some programs which intercept and prevent cookies may also interfere with logging into MyCricket. For example, ZoneAlarm has features which restrict cookies.


In most cases, if you wish to use this feature to restrict cookies, it is possible to add sites to an 'exclusion' list, so that cookies are less restricted from those sites. The following sites should be added to the exclusion list if possible:






your club/association website (if applicable)


Please consult the program documentation for your firewall product or contact support.


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