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Hide Batting, Bowling and/or Champion Player Leaders from Public ...


Towards the end of the season you might like to hide the leaders in certain public reports such as Champion Player and Batting Averages. This will ensure that Club awards remain a surprise until presentation night.

The following reports can be hidden from the public MyCricket site and your Club Website

  • Batting Averages
  • Bowling Averages
  • Club Championship

NOTE: If you are logged in as a Site Manager then you will be able to see the reports on the public site and your Club Website.  Anyone not logged in or without Site Manager Access will not be able to access these reports.

To disable (hide) the Batting Averages & Bowling Averages Reports

 Mode:            Teams

 Menu :           Settings > Grade Customisation

  1. Follow the above menu path
  2. Tick the Disable option next to each report and each grade you wish to hide the report for.
  3. Click Update at the bottom of the screen

To disable (hide) the Club Championship Report

 Mode:            Teams

 Menu :           Settings > Report Customisation

-Follow the above menu path

-Select the Disabled option next to Club Championship

-Click Update at the bottom of the screen

Note: This is a Club Level Task, if you are an Association, and you wish to disable / hide the leaders for your Club Championship and other reports, please see the Disable Leaders (Association) article.






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