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Selecting a player - Common Problems


There can be a number of reasons why you have troubles with entering teams on MyCricket. Here a few things to look out for to ensure that you can solve any issues you may come across but also help you prior to any issues arising.

Issue 1:

A Player is not listed in the “Available Players List" or does not have an "Active Role"

1. Ensure the Player appears in the Person List search results with the role PLAYER.

  • If they don’t appear in this list…

             o        Search for them under ‘ANY ROLE’.

a)      If they are found, open the record and add the role PLAYER with the appropriate sub role.

b)      If they are not found

             o        Search for them under ‘NO ROLE’.

a)      If they are found, open the record and add the role PLAYER (with the appropriate sub role).

b)      If they are not found then the player is not in your club list. You will need to search for them and either          Transfer or Add them to your clubs list

Issue 2:

Player is not registered to the Association

Registration is mandatory in MyCricket and all players must be registered to the association. You will need to register the player to the relevant Association/s. See the support article “How to Register a Player” for further information.

Issue 3:

Message displayed reads: “This match could not be found”

This means the match does not exist for your club, this could be because of the following reasons:

  1. Your club hasn’t been allocated to the grade
  2. The draw for this grade is not completed yet.
  3. The draw is hidden from public view.
  4. The round number you have selected does not exist in this draw.

You will need to contact the Association responsible for the competition.

Unfortunately, MyCricket Support is unable to assist with this situation as it does need to be managed by the appropriate governing body. However, if you need assistance contacting the Associations Principal MyCricket User we can help you out with their email address.


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