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Registering a Transferred Player


Registering a Transferred Player

(Personal Details Locked and Mandatory Fields Incomplete.)

When you transfer a Player to your club list their details are locked to you for a 10 day period due to privacy measures.

However, you should still be able to use the records for registration, team selection, etc.

If you attempt to register a transferred player to an association, an error message may appear which inform you that certain mandatory fields are incomplete. This is because each Association can make certain fields mandatory before the player can be registered to the Association. Unfortunately, you will not be able to update these mandatory fields during the 10 day lock out, which will mean the player can not be selected to play in a team for that Association.

We have put in place the following process to assist with this so you can register the player and select them to the relevant teams.


  • Ensure that you are the Principal User for your Club.

  • Submit a Support Request under the category People Management

  • Include the following details:

    • Player ID#

    • Players Full Name

    • Association you want to register them to

    • The club they were transferred from

    • The incomplete mandatory fields required by the Association.

    • The data to complete these fields for the player.

  • MyCricket Support will update the record on your behalf.

  • You will receive a reply to your Support Request advising you that the record has been updated and the Player can now be registered to that Association.


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