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Adding your club or competition to MyCricket


Over 90% of cricket clubs and associations in Australia are using MyCricket to manage their competitions online and administer their organisations. 

To add and create an entity in MyCricket for your club and association, please submit a support request with the following information.  Requests will be reviewed by the support team and your respective state/territory cricket associations before being created. 

  • Full Club/Association Name
  • Abbreviated/Short Name
  • State
  • Location/Suburb
  • Postcode
  • Association/s Affiliated with.
  • Principal User Name; preferred login name; email address

NOTE: If you are in Victoria you will be required to register as a not for profit incorporation through the Consumer Affairs Victoria website. You can provide us with a copy of your incorporation certificate when requesting your club be created.

If you would like to use MyCricket to administer your club but your Association hasn’t set up the competition, submit a Support Request detailing your situation. Our support team will liaise with your state/territory MyCricket representative and determine the best possible way to handle this.


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