How do I claim my profile in the MyCricket App?




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    Joshua macpherson

    I no longer have access to the email used how do I claim my account now

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    Mathew legge

    It is me when i put the numbers in but the wrong email addres

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    There is some issue with this as I am not able to claim my profile at all. I am able to search for my profile using the mycricket ID (1658230) and alternatively using my name in the 'find me' option.

    But once I select the profile and click on 'Email Me' it doesnt do anything. I havent received any email (checked in spam as well). Also I tried reinstalling the app from google play over multiple days but still no luck.


    From the article above, what I see is that I am never prompted to select the primary role. just to be doubly sure I even checked to import friend's  profile but same issue. so Its apparent that the issue is with the app.


    I am using Samsung Note9 with the latest version of android, so my device is as updated as it can be.


    my original request was a week back on phone


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