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How to setup a Registration Form?


The final step is to setup the Registrations forms. The forms will appear on PlayCricket once made active. 

To setup an Online Registration form:

  1. Select 'Set-up Registration Forms' within the Online Registration & Payments homepage.
  2. From the drop down select whether you are creating a Club Registration Form or an in2CRICKET Registration Form, then select Refresh
  3. Fill out the details. Explanation of details can be found below.
  4. Select Update to save these details, then select Back to Online Registrations & Payments to go back to the main page.

Field Descriptions: 

Field Description
Title* Defaults to the name previously selected in the drop down list but is editable
Top Description

Defaults to a short description from the template but can be deleted or edited by you. It appears at the top of the form your participants fill out.

Bottom Description Appears at the bottom of the form your participants fill out
Status* Set to ACTIVE for it be available to your participants
Sort Order If you have several registration forms available the sort order affects where it appears in a list
Disclaimer If you wish a disclaimer/terms and conditions page to display as part of the signup process, select it here. If selected, the user will have to check a box to signify they agree with these conditions.
Contact Name Pre-populated with the name of the person creating the form
Contact Email Pre-populated with the name of the person creating the form
Payment Gateway* If you want to activate the payment gateway you will need to select “Cricket Australia Payment System” as the payment gateway. If online payment have not been activated this will remain inactive. Note: A person with a “Finance Manager” role will need to set-up Bank Details before this option becomes available
Allow Offline Payments
Defaults to checked if online payments is not available
Payments Description e.g. please pay club secretary prior to the first training session
Currency Format Read only. Defaults to $AUD
Tax Description Read only. Prepopulated with your clubs GST status as indicted when online banking form filled out.
Tax rate Read only. Defaults to Australian GST tax rate of 10%
Form fields
Form fields Defaults to questions pre-determined by Cricket Australia. Additional fields (custom) can be added.
Registration Types/Products*
Registration types/products Select and Add available type/products. These are the products set up in the previous step.

* denotes compulsory fields

Note: choose one only from the first set of boxes e.g. a Club Registration form should only be able to register for either a Senior Membership or Junior membership, but choose from the second set of boxes if these can be chose in addition to e.g. a hat and a shirt

TIP - Adding a Hyperlink to Online Registration Forms





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