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How to setup a Registration Product?


Registration Product Types are to be setup for each 'Membership Subscription' offering (eg. U12, Seniors etc.), as well as 'Saleable Items' such as club merchandise. Once the product types have been created they can then be added to the Registration Form. 

To create a Registration Product Type:

  1. Select Step 2: Set-up Registration types/products
  2. Fill out the fields. Detailed description in the below table. 
  3. Select Update

Enter in the following details:

Field Description
Name* This is the name of the Registration (e.g. Senior) or Product (e.g. club cap)
Category* Is this registration type associated with your Club or Association
Description A short description 
Price* Price of the registration or product (includes GST if applicable)
Class* Enter in whether this is a registration subscription (e.g. Registration) or a saleable item (e.g. club hat)
Available until* Defaults to the end of the season but you can change this if you only want it available for a limited period of time
Active* Defaults to active but if you stop a registration type you can do that here by setting a different date
Sort order If you have several products available the sort order affects where it appears in a list
Start Date* Defaults to start of season but can be edited. This dictates what year/season this registration if for

End Date*
Defaults to the end of season but can be edited
Person Role* Who is this registration or product for e.g. a senior player?
General Discounts If you choose to offer a general discount then enter in a discount value e.g. $40
Discount Description If you choose to offer a discount enter a description
Early Discount If you choose to offer a discount for registering early then enter a discount value e.g. $40
Early discount cut-off date If you choose to offer a discount for registering early then enter a cut-off date this expires by




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