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How to send SMS messgaes


Sending a text or SMS message can be an effective tool for administrators and coaches to ensure that all the necessary players and parents are informed of any necessary club messages such as inclement weather or change in venue.

You can find the SMS feature on MyCricket via the Teams and Communications tab.

Note: All MyCricket additional features that require payments are handled through a third party provider.

  • Review your current SMS credit balance, which is displayed in bold towards the top of the screen
  • Select the Number of Credits you wish to purchase.

Note: Credits can be purchased in lots of 250. Current pricing is shown below in AUD.

Number of Credits

Cost Per Message

Total Cost
















  • Select the required Payment Type either Credit card or Cheque
  • Click Next…

Credit Card Payment Method

  • Complete the fields in the Please enter your payment information area
  • Click Place Your Order

Cheque Payment Method

  • Click Print
  • Post the printed purchase order along with your cheque to the address displayed at the bottom of the Purchase SMS Credits screen.


SMS History

You can locate your SMS history under the 'SMS account & messaging history' tab


A report displays showing the following details relating to your sms history:

o Date message was sent or credits were purchased

o Action which occurred on the date specified.

o Number of credits either purchased or spent.

o Av. Balance – the SMS credit balance after purchase or sent message

o Owing – if account is overdrawn the amount will appear here.

o The User Name of the person who sent the SMS or purchased credits.

o The ID number of the action

o The subject line of the message sent

o Any relevant notes which accompany the action.


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